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Dome Home Z4

Dome house Z4

Dome house  Z 4.

€2800.00 + 20% VAT

Framework for the dome  Ø 4m.

House with the internal area of  9.9m2.

The height of the ceilings on the first floor  2.6 m.

The framework is treated with an antiseptic. Upon request, the frame can be processed into the desired color from the catalogue Tikkurilla Valtti. This only on pre-order.

Dome house is ideal choice for summer cottages, cafes, guest houses, playhouses for children, houses for permanent residence and so on. In the price for doome house Z4  is included only the framework of the dome, first floor basement joists, end joists of the second floor (for big models), timbers for window and door apertures. Screws, bolts, nuts, anchors, OSB and other fasteners in the set are not included, purchased separately by the customer.

The  house Z4 can be insulated with Paroc stone wool, Rockwool, rigid polyurethane foam, eco-friendly cellulose insulation, straw. In all cases we advice to use the protection from rodents.

The facade decoration of the dome  is performed with larch, oak, alder, aspen shingles or cheaper bituminous tiles.

Technical details:

Diameter of rounding of the dome house Ø 4m.
House height 3.0 m.
The thickness of the walls in the basic kitting 145mm.+
Approximate weight of the kit 250kg.
Maximum height of elements 1500mm.
Is delivered on 1 pallets
Approximate volume 0.6 m3.
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