Terms of use

Terms of use


  1. Terms of use online shop domehome.eu.

1.1. These terms are valid for online store customers (hereinafter referred to as the Client) and the owner online store, Spraymix OÜ (hereinafter referred to domehome.eu)

These conditions set the rules for the purchase-sale of commodity, and are applicable to decease possible questions connected to the legal obligations of the parties.

1.2. These conditions correspond with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. In the absence of appropriate information in these terms, they are supplemented and interpreted in conformity with legal regulations.

1.3. In our online store, you can purchase goods that are on the store pages, next to the name of the product model indicates the availability of goods in place.

If the product is not in place, it can be ordered, in this case, the customer needs to contact the store administration with an application about the order, in such cases we work on 100% prepayment.

1.4. Domehome.eu may unilaterally make corrections to these terms, and price lists, in case if these changes are necessary for prospective development, increase of competitiveness in the market, for improvement of work with clients.

From the moment of posting on the site, the new changes come into action.

1.5. The images on the website are illustrative, possible color variations, technical characteristics, names of materials are indicated in the product description.

1.6. Domehome.eu and the Client implement buy-sell goods through the online store domehome.eu based on these terms. By ordering and purchasing, the Client confirms that he has read these terms and fully accepts with them.


  1. Domehome.eu price lists

2.1. The cost of goods offered in the online store domehome.eu is indicated in euros and VAT is added to it (20%)

2.2. The cost of transportation expenses is calculated separately depending on the location of the client, depending on the courier company chosen by the client, according to the price list of this company.

2.3. The cost of the order depends on its size and weight as well as on the courier’s price list.


  1. Ordering / Payment.

3.1. When you click the button «in the basket» the customer’s shopping cart is formed.

3.2. To place an order you need to fill in the entire column in the corresponding menu blocks.

3.3. To pay for the order, choose the appropriate method and pay the full cost of the goods.

3.4. After payment, the purchase-sale agreement takes effect; the order placed by the Client goes into development.

4. Delivery of goods / Transference of goods.

4.1. Domehome.eu is committed to inform the client about the receipt of the money transfer and the delivery time.

4.2. In case of a delay in money receipt, delivery times may be extended.

4.3. If at the moment of ordering the goods are in stock, then on the first working day, after receiving the money, for the goods, domehome.eu transfers the goods to the courier company.

4.4. The courier company delivers the goods to the address indicated by the Client.

4.5. It depends on the correctness of the Customer’s data how quickly and without any complications the goods will be delivered to the Customer.

4.6. In the case of incorrectly specified data of the Client, the client engages to compensate for all the additional costs to courier service or domehome.eu.

4.7. The client has the right not to take the goods in damaged, deformed packaging.

By signing the accompanying documents, the client confirms that the packaging was in satisfactory condition (i.e., the goods were not damaged during transportation)

4.8. Goods in damaged packaging should be returned to the courier and report about the incident to domehome.eu.


  1. Order cancellation / Return of goods.

5.1. If the received goods do not meet the description or expectations, the Client has the right to return the goods within 14 days from the receipt of the goods. (Except for specially made orders, or special projects, customized goods)

5.2. The goods to be returned must be unused and packed in its original packaging, without damages.

5.3. The application for the return of goods is accepted in writing form no later than 14 days after receipt goods.

5.4. Receipt of money to the client’s account is carried out within 14 days after the return of the goods.

5.5. The client bears the expenses connected with the return of goods, and with the refund.

5.6.  domehome.eu compensates for the cost of delivery of goods, if the product does not correspond the technical specifications, is damaged, or has a manufacturing defect.

5.7.  domehome.eu has the right to deny to return the goods to the Client in the following cases:

In case the product is made to order, or by the sizes or other parameters represented by the Client.

In case this is an exclusive product.

In the event that this is a wholesale batch of goods, and the Customer has received preliminary samples of the goods.

In case this is a registered product, which at the time of the order was not in stock domehome.eu.

5.8 Domehome.eu has the right to annul the order if the product at the time of the order is out of production or if the goods are not in stock at the supplier.


  1. Guarantees / Claims.

6.1. At detection of the presence of a defective product, the Client must inform the domehome.eu by writing:

A written statement, indicating the invoice number, contact details of the customer, describe the defect in detail with photographs where the defect is clearly displayed. The application must be submitted no later than 14 days after receipt of goods by the client; otherwise, the customer shall not have a right to demand replacement or repair, or compensation of monetary costs.

6.2. If there is a manufacturing defect, the Client has the right to demand the replacement or repair of this product (damaged item, details), but in this case it is obliged to provide a defective product to domehome.eu.

6.3. Domehome.eu is not responsible for:

Natural changes in wood, possible bursting, loss of knots, possible irregularities.

Product damage caused by unskillful and improper handling with the product.

The emergence of damages when using the goods for purposes.

For natural deterioration in the use.


  1. Force Majeure / Responsibility of the Parties.

7.1. In case of noncompliance with Terms domehome.eu is not responsible to the Client according to the rules established by the Law of the Republic of Estonia.

7.2. Breaking the clauses of the Terms the Customer is responsible to domehome.eu proceeded by legislative acts established by the Law of the Republic of Estonia.

7.3. The Parties are not responsible for non-execution with Terms in case of force majeure or other unforeseen situations, natural disasters, fires, catastrophes that do not allow to keep up with the obligations of Terms.

7.4. Domehome.eu does not compensate for moral damage connected with the violation of the terms of delivery of the goods and other.

7.5 In case of disagreement on the execution of Terms, all issues are resolved through conversations, if the conversation process fails to find compromise solutions; either party has the right to defend their interests in law court or by contacting the Department of Consumer Rights Protection.

7.6 Our products are made of solid wood of coniferous woods, or from glued planed wood without wane. All wood is sterilized, passed the thermos-dryer in the chamber. The presence of irregularities, knots, roughness and cracks in the frame elements is allowed, which is not a defect and does not affect the strength of the structure. Particular qualities of storage and operation: Products must be used for its intended use as a sheathed outside and covered with a roof carcass dome house. It is recommended to cover all wooden elements of the carcass with a protective structure in accordance with the planned operating exploitation. Keep goods in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight and atmospheric precipitation, with the free air circulation around the elements, away from heat sources, high humidity and odors. Changing the physical parameters of products (wood) arising from improper storage or use is not a warranty case.

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