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PUR dome house DH5.5

PUR dome house DH5.5

€ 7000.00 + 20% VAT

PUR dome house DH5.5. A set of dome houses made of polyurethane foam. The possible area of the house Ø 5.5 m — 25m2.

Building a house on a finished foundation takes about  3-4 hours. The house is getting warm.

PUR dome house DH5.5 made of polyurethane foam with an area of 25 m2, which does not require design and building permission. This construction is our new perspective direction. Our new technology allows you to build a small house directly on the spot in the shortest possible time .  Using special elements of special elements poured into the foundation, the reinforcement frame is mounted.  The base cost takes into account the thickness of 15 cm . This technology allows you to make a completely sealed, warm, without «cold bridges» and without a single connection structure . Reinforcement with metal eliminates penetration into the house from the outside and increases its rigidity, resistance to loads. Theoretically, assembling a house on a ready-made foundation takes about 24 hours. If desired, windows and doors can be made anywhere . The house is already warm. But if necessary, it can be further insulated with polyurethane foam. The basic configuration includes 3 Windows and an entrance door. The price includes installation, interior and exterior decoration, electrical and plumbing works.

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Technical details:

Diameter of rounding of the dome house Ø 5.5m.
House height 3.1 m.
The thickness of the walls in the basic kitting 150mm.+
Approximate weight of the kit 1500kg.
Maximum height of elements 2300mm.
Is delivered on 2 pallets
Approximate volume 14 m3.


Spraymix OÜ has the highest AAA credit rating. This rating was awarded to only 3.9% of companies in Estonia. This rating system is known and used in 14 European countries. We guarantee our clients a responsible approach to work and honestly fulfill our obligations. We follow the recommendations and instructions of the manufacturers of materials. We give a guarantee for the work performed from 2-5 years. In the case of waterproofing and insulation works up to 10 years.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Cost Control
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  • A house made of polyurethane foam needs protection from ultraviolet radiation !
  • Immediately during the assembly process, it is necessary to qualitatively seal the joints of the elements of the house with a polyurethane sealant !
  • If the house does not need additional decoration of the facade, it is necessary to apply a waterproofing system with UV protection immediately after assembly !
  • Or hermetically close with the tent until the waterproofing layer is applied !
  • If the house needs finishing with plaster or painting compositions, it is necessary after assembly to apply a primer layer of highly adhesive glue !
  • This measure will also protect the polyurethane foam from ultraviolet light !
  • After drying the primer layer, it is possible to apply plaster compositions and perform further finishing !
  • Carefully read the instructions for using the materials. If you are not sure about the correct execution of the work, please refer to the specialist !
  • We recommend using polyurethane systems or two-component polyurea systems for waterproofing. These are expensive, but very reliable waterproofing systems that are suitable for finishing a domed house, as well as for the «green roof» system. The «green roof» system means finishing the facade and roof with turf !
  • If necessary, additional insulation is possible !
  • You can learn more about the product by downloading the brochure. To receive a detailed price offer on a turnkey basis, please contact us by e-mail !
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